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Community Counselling Centre  

A compassionate, non-judgmental, and affordable resource that has been helping Edmontonians heal for 27 years.

Feeling anxious, depressed, lonely?

. . . your relationships fraying around the edges?
Or maybe you are dealing with the effects of trauma?








Be held in the trusted and transformative connection with your counsellor.


Providing one of the most generous sliding fee scales in Edmonton.


Deepen the compassion for yourself and others.

Sam Drew-Community-Counselling

Meet the Team

Struggling Alone?

Most people at some point in their lives experience a need for change. The desire for change often opens the door for healing and growth. Many times this opportunity comes to us unexpectedly in the form of a crisis. 

Divorce, death of a love one, job loss, depression, illness, anxiety, trauma . . . knocks on everyone’s door at some point in life. Usually right when you want to be feeling positive and happy . . . but instead, loneness, sadness, anger, or even shame descend . . . having you wondering “what’s going on with me?” 

This is the transformational power of change; cleaning out the old, making room for the new. Yet, without trusted, compassionate, and down-to-earth guidance, the road can be rocky indeed. 

Let the experts at Community Counselling Centre guide you through this process of healthy healing and growth. For 27 years we have been the go-to affordable community-based counselling service for a diverse range of Edmontonians.

No need to struggle alone on your journey, when you can live towards your inspired life.


Step 1.

Complete the Intake Form or Call Us

Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and fill out the short list of questions, so we can see how to help you best.

Step 2.

Receive Scheduling Email or Call

A matched counsellor for your situation, will call you and book your first appointment.

Step 3.

Enjoy the Healing Process

Experience your first session: online, in-person, or on the phone, usually within a week or two of completing the ‘In-Take Form’.

Wisdom from the Ages

At Community Counselling Centre we have a holistic approach . . . we acknowledge the fact that there are many ‘Gems of Wisdom’ that can be applied to our everyday lives from a broad spectrum of spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspectives. 

Lets Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that quality counselling services should be affordable for all people and so we provide one of the most generous sliding fee scales ($30 – $200 per 50 minute session) in Edmonton. Our affordable counselling rates apply to both short and longer-term counselling.  

Not usually.

Most Alberta insurance providers do not cover psychotherapists.

If you wish to have your sessions covered by your insurance policy please contact your insurer and make the prior arrangements.

Yes. We provide in-person, phone and online sessions.

As a general guide, counselling has been found to be most productive when incorporated into a person's lifestyle for approximately 12-16 sessions (one session per week). 

Some people come to see a counsellor to develop strategies for managing and reducing specific issues in their life or talking through a particular concern. Addressing these types of matters can be short-term (from a one-off session to a handful of sessions) to medium-term (3 months) — this might also involve checking in less frequently over the longer term to help with setbacks or prevent relapse.

Other people come to therapy to understand long-standing patterns (such as relationship issues) that stem from experiences during their childhood, or to receive ongoing support. This type of work tends to happen over an extended period of time.

No, you do not need a referral to see a counsellor at Community Counselling Centre.

Typically, sessions are 50 mins — this may vary depending on the individual counsellor's approach.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of counselling. We believe the delicate nature of the client / counsellor relationship is to be built on trust and transparency between the counsellor and the client.

A counsellor's duty of confidentiality also finds expression in professional codes of ethics, such as: Canadian Counselling Association, Code of Ethics (January 2007). Confidentiality states: “Counselling relationships and information resulting therefrom are kept confidential.”

There are two exceptions to this rule in very unusual cases.

1) extreme suicidal risk or homicidal risk.

2) is in relation to court orders.

No, however, we have practitioners of all faiths and traditions and we draw on the timeless wisdom that can be found in many of the world's religions.  

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