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Nietzsche, a novel, and the start of psychotherapy

I knew that Nietzsche was a famous existential philosopher who declared, ‘God is Dead’, and affirmed the sanctity of one’s own experience while questioning socially popular “truths”, but I never knew that he wept, much less why. So I was…

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Freud and Ambivalence

The month of May marks the birthdays of several people in my personal circle, and as well that of Sigmund Freud whose birthday is May 6th. While many of Freud’s claims have been discredited, one of his insights remains a…

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Vitamin D, Depression & Suicide Risk

There are many factors that increase the risk of depression and suicide risk: a personal history of trauma, neglect and loss, social and cultural context, genetics, biological conditions and nutrition. Recent research has focused on the relationship between Vitamin D…

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Anxious? You’re not alone.

What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is that feeling we get of “butterflies in the stomach.” In its gentler forms, anxiety is a kind of nervousness, like when we performed at a piano recital when we were kids or when we give…

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Why go to therapy?

Why do people choose to go “into therapy?” Because, as human beings, we all need to give voice to the struggles we experience inside of us. Maybe there’s something troubling but you’re too embarrassed to tell your friends. A counsellor…

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Suicide Bereavement, 7 Ways to Heal

The devastating news of the recent suicides of two young adults in my personal circle moves me to write about suicide bereavement. As a counsellor who has met with hundreds of people grieving the loss of a loved one to…

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Inspiration in the River Valley

The other day I was cycling to work along one of the river valley trails. Scanning the view I noticed that the nesting pair of Canada Geese was back. Going back 10 years now, a pair of Canada’s has nested…

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