Suicide Bereavement, 7 Ways to Heal

The devastating news of the recent suicides of two young adults in my personal circle moves me to write about suicide bereavement.

As a counsellor who has met with hundreds of people grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide, and as one who years ago lost a best friend to suicide, I know that grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide is heart-wrenching, exhausting and complex.

Mourners sometimes feel the pain of their grief so intensely that they themselves become suicidal.

Healing from Loss to Suicide

Healing from a traumatic loss to suicide is possible over time.

If you are grieving a loss to suicide, here are some ways to help your healing happen :

  1. Allow yourself to name and feel ALL of your painful grief emotions
  2. Find a nonjudgmental counsellor who knows about complex grief
  3. If your grief keeps you awake at night, take time to lie down in the day
  4. Breathe into your sorrow; as you breathe out, send compassion to others who are also suffering.
  5. Without editing, write out your feelings of grief.
  6. Spend time walking in nature to allow its beauty and peacefulness to comfort you.
  7. Remember that underneath the pain you feel is the great love between you and your loved one.

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