Why go to therapy?

Why do people choose to go “into therapy?”

Because, as human beings, we all need to give voice to the struggles we experience inside of us. Maybe there’s something troubling but you’re too embarrassed to tell your friends. A counsellor is trained to hear your story and to keep your confidence. Maybe you’ve tried telling those close to you what’s bothering you but all they do is give you cheap advice. A good psychotherapist is trained to listen first and then to help you look for your own inner wisdom.

What stops people from going for counselling? Stigma, mostly. Some people seem to think that only “crazy” people need psychotherapy. Maybe that’s true but then again, aren’t we all a bit crazy? Others see the need for counselling as a weakness: obviously, you can’t handle things on your own. Is it a weakness to ask for help when you need it? I think that’s strength. After all, it takes courage to make the call, schedule an appointment, get to the therapist’s office, and then tell her/him about your situation.

Here’s to courage!

~ Roger.

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